Quick Fav Dial

THE QuickDial App for iPhone !

This app brings the simple and efficient speed dialing feature of old mobile phones to your iPhone! With one exception: it’s much better!Assign your favorite contacts/phone numbers to positions (1-60) for quick dialing. These contacts will be shown by photo or name on a 3D bended wall and can be called with a single tap.

Quick and Easy

  • Single tap to call contact.
  • Double tap to text (SMS).
  • Triple tap to email.

Multiple Assignments

  • When you assign a contact to a position the app automatically stores the first phone number and first email address, if available.
  • If you want to use a different number or email address, you have two options: either enable „manual field selection“ in Settings or assign the same contact to another position, then the app will ask which number/email address to use.

Up to 60 Positions with 3D Scrolling

  • Sixty positions give enough space to visually group together related contacts (e.g., family, friends, colleagues, etc. in an own spatial area) and to quickly find frequently used contacts!
  • The horizontal 3D scrolling enables fast browsing through the positions.