3D Photo Ring – Album Browser (with AR)

Experience modern photo browsing with this amazing app!

3D Photo Ring can analyze the color of your photos and videos and arrange them in an interactive and gorgeous 3D interface – either by color or time! The compact arrangement allows quick browsing of tens of thousands of pictures and the color-sorted arrangement helps in finding specific photos by their color and seeing similar ones just next to it!

The app also supports AR and allows to browser your photos with Augmented Reality!

The ring arrangement is fully interactive:

  • it can be rotated with left and right wipe gestures.
  • switch between different rings (parts of your library) by vertical wipe gestures.
  • „look into“ the ring with a simple pinch gesture.
  • switch between different perspectives (background/foreground) with a simple double-tap.


Deep Photo Analyzer

This is an outstanding and unique app, which enables content-based search and filtering in your photos and videos, based on automatic content analysis with deep neural networks and color analysis.

In summary, you can use this app to:

  • filter photos by a specific color (e.g., white, blue, green, etc.)
  • filter photos by a detected content class (e.g., beach, flowers, animals, etc.)
  • capture a new photo and find other similar photos in your collection. If you capture a photo of a document, for example, it will search for other document photos in your collection.
  • see a photo in different sorted lists, either sorted by time, color, or content class. This allows you for a selected photo to see other pics with a similar content (recording time, color, or content).

Quick Fav Dial

THE QuickDial App for iPhone !

This app brings the simple and efficient speed dialing feature of old mobile phones to your iPhone! With one exception: it’s much better!Assign your favorite contacts/phone numbers to positions (1-60) for quick dialing. These contacts will be shown by photo or name on a 3D bended wall and can be called with a single tap.

Quick and Easy

  • Single tap to call contact.
  • Double tap to text (SMS).
  • Triple tap to email.

Multiple Assignments

  • When you assign a contact to a position the app automatically stores the first phone number and first email address, if available.
  • If you want to use a different number or email address, you have two options: either enable „manual field selection“ in Settings or assign the same contact to another position, then the app will ask which number/email address to use.

Up to 60 Positions with 3D Scrolling

  • Sixty positions give enough space to visually group together related contacts (e.g., family, friends, colleagues, etc. in an own spatial area) and to quickly find frequently used contacts!
  • The horizontal 3D scrolling enables fast browsing through the positions.

Money Forecast

Money Forecast allows you to keep track of your finances and to see how they will develop over time. It shows you whether and when you will exceed a specific limit and, hence, helps you to plan your investments (e.g., also to avoid overdrawing of your account).

With Money Forecast you can:

  • enter your account balance at specific dates
  • enter recurring and single expenses and income as expected (e.g., loans, rental fees, salary, etc.)
  • based on this data, see how your balance will develop

At any time you can add or change expenses or income, or set the actual account balance to quickly correct the predicted development.
Of course, you can also just track your past expenses and income or your account balances. Moreover, you can manage several accounts with this app.